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CEO & Founder

KoromaJoseph S. Koroma, III is the president and CEO of MaxFit, LLC a premier fitness company in the DC Metro area that specializes in preparing individuals and groups/teams to be:

  1. FIT to Play, by developing customized speed & conditioning and strength & power regimens for amateur and professional athletes to make them stronger, faster, and more effective in their sport;
  2. FIT for Duty, by creating customized fitness regimens that will prepare uniformed and non-uniformed service members and civic citizens to be in peak physical condition to successfully perform their duties and exceed the standards of PT tests; and
  3. FIT to Live, by creating wellness and fitness programs that facilitate maximum physical fitness.

Mr. Koroma has over ten years of experience in the physical fitness industry and holds the National Strength Professionals Association (NSPA) and American Council on Exercise (ACE) certifications, as well as, a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from George Mason University. He played professional football in the arena leagues and served in the Army Reserves where he achieved the rank of Sergeant.

In addition to building MaxFit, LLC, Koroma also works to build the MaxFIT Foundation, which focuses on eliminating childhood obesity and poor nutrition habits in underserved communities plagued by lack of green space, fresh foods, and accessible health and wellness services. He also works as a motivational speaker where he inspires others to reach their full fitness and wellness potential through practical life changes and decisions. In all of his endeavors, Koroma believes that with true mental toughness and extra effort, any goal can be achieved at maximum potential.

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