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fit for duty

"Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility. " -G. M. Trevelyan

Attain peak fitness condition so that you can serve with dignity and honor.

As an honorably discharged member of the United States Army, MaxFit Ceo, “K” Koroma has personal experience of the rigors and fitness requirements for service members.  Using that experience and his fitness training, Koroma developed the Fit For Duty Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program to help our service members attain and maintain peak physical fitness so that they can perform the scope of their duties.  Whether one is serving with the Armed Forces, protective services (FBI, CIA, Secret Service, …), or civil service (police, fire, EMS), these regimens are designed to ensure that the reaction capability, physical endurance, and overall physical fitness of service members are at peak capacity.

MaxFit also has a specialized PT readiness program that incorporates the new model of PT tests implemented by the Armed Forces and Combat Readiness training for those service members who have active duty status.

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