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The MAXFIT Foundation aims to provide free fitness and nutrition camps, called FIT Academies©, for low to moderate income youth to better equip them (and their families) with the knowledge and resources for making healthy lifestyle choices through physical activity and proper nutritional intake


To inspire youth, ages 5-18, living in low to moderate income households, who are also physically unhealthy, to change their fitness and nutrition choices and lifestyles in such a way that their health will be restored and quality of life improved.


Educate participants about:

  1. Proper exercise techniques to improve physical fitness levels
  2. Caloric intake indexes in relation to physique
  3. Nutritional information about foods commonly consumed and healthier and affordable alternatives to those foods
  4. Provide resources for continued communication with camp peers to encourage a life-long commitment to physical fitness through exercise and proper nutritional choices
    Service Area District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and Maryland

We are currently pursuing 501(c)(3) status and will soon be able to receive donations for this program. Please visit our youtube channel to see the work that the foundation is already doing with the Boys & Girls Club in SE DC or read our news page.


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