P.O. Box 7615 | Largo, MD 20792 | 202.492.9649 | info@maxfitllc.com


Any field. Any court. Any pool. Any place. Any time!

No gimmicks, fancy equipment, bells and whistles needed.

Our only requirements to train are:

  • you,

  • your effort, and

  • some space.

Based on our diversified RAW PERSONAL TRAINING & HIGH VOLTAGE SPORTS TRAINING © models, we don't need to train you in a gym. All we need is space, yours or ours. On occasion however, we do use traditional equipment and need some shelter, so in those instances you can find us at:

  • The Center, Washington, DC
  • Definitions Gym in Georgetown, DC

If you choose to come to us, no membership fees are required to meet with our trainers at these facilities. We are constantly seeking other locations where clients can come to us! OR, if you have a home or office gym, or any other gym location where you can bring your own trainer, we can come to you.


come get some!

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