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mtxeMaxFIT, LLC is one of the premiere fitness studios in the United States. Founded by Master Trainer, “K” Koroma in 2005, the company has three main areas of specialty:

  1. Pushing athletes, both professional and amateur, to reach their max fitness potential so that they can get off the bench and get in the game; and
  2. Helping men, women, and youth to transform their lives to be more healthy, peaceful, and enjoyable through setting and reaching appropriate fitness goals; and
  3. Developing a multi-faceted program to help wipe out juvenile and young adult obesity by helping those who are already obese to achieve fitness norms for their individual body types AND preventing others from becoming obese through education, partnerships, and fitness tools.

We believe that the wholeness of a person is pivoted on the balance spiritual, emotional, and physical health. We help our clients achieve that wholeness through fitness and wellness coaching. Our mantra is Mental Toughness, eXtra Effort (MTXE). With the right attitude and the necessary effort, anyone can achieve their individual fitness potential.

…unlock your fitness potential!


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