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All MaxFit trainers are certified by one of the major health and fitness organizations in the United States. Additionally, each trainer has worked professionally for over two years and currently works as a personal trainer full time. We aim to keep our staff small so that we can ensure that we foster the MaxFit philosophy in such a way that they are able to instill it in you. The Mental Toughness, eXtra Effort (MTXE) attitude, one of the keys to our philiosophy, is an integral part of each trainers lifestyle. It is the only way that we can teach it to you.

Our trainers come from diverse backgrounds and have different areas of expertise that allow us to offer top-tier training in our Fit to Play, Fit to Serve, and Fit to Live regimens. Their diverse life experiences include tenures as professional athletes, service in the military or civilian corps, and/or professional fitness training and practices. All of this makes our trainers uniquely suited to help you reach your fitness goals because they have actually experienced the demands that necessitate your training. This allows us to anticipate client needs, properly evaluate client strengths and weaknesses to create injury-proof regimens, and create effective workouts that produce results. Additionally, our trainers can do, and have done, every thing that we ask our clients to do!

The certifications available to personal trainers are:

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