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I'll keepyou in shape

Personalized Fitness Training • Proven Regimens • Advanced Nutrition PlansIdeal for: Individuals, Groups, Amateur & Pro Athletes

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What our clients say

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Great workout! Maxfit comes with the right motivation and energy and provides great personal workout tips so you can maximize your gains. I definitely recommend him to any person serious about losing weight or an athlete who is training to get to the next level!

Jonathan C

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Easy Start

Get Started Instantly In Minutes. Workout everywhere… whether you want to train at a gym or your house.

Tips & advice

Learn about one particular amino acid… the most potent anabolic signaler to boost muscles synthesis and effectively build muscle.

Weight Management

Healthy and fastest ways to lose excess weight quickly and stay slim, trimmed and toned. Eliminate frustrations with weight loss.

Nutrition & Supplements

Stop guessing about the right amount of protein to eat per day per body weight. Points out everyday things to avoid that slows down protein digestion and likely reduce the synthesis of new muscle protein.

My Training Schedule


Personal Training One-on-one coaching

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Personal Training One-on-one coaching

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Personal Training One-on-one coaching

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Pricing Plans

I believe fitness is more important than to leave it to only the highest bidder. That's why I have structured the pricing to make it easy for everybody regardless of their financial situation to be able to afford their own professional fitness trainer to achieve highest quality fitness level.


$49.99 per month

Free Consultation

3 sessions / week

60 mins / session

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Premium / Most Popular

$79.99 per month

Free Consultation

4 sessions / week

60 mins / session

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$109.99 per month

Free Consultation

6 sessions / week

60 mins / session

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Maxfit LLC's gym in Hyattsville, Maryland

Gym Address

625 Touchdown Dr

Hyattsville, MD 20785


  • Monday: 5AM–8PM
  • Wednesday: 5AM–8PM
  • Friday: 5AM–8PM

Phone   (click to call)

(202) 492-9649

Contact Me

Feel free to contact if you would like to work with me to achieve your fitness goal. No matter your fitness challenge, I would be glad to work with you to achieve faster results in a structured, less-stressful way. LET'S DO IT!